The Problem Today – Appageddon:

Today, there are over 300k health and wellness apps and that number continues to climb at a rapid pace. This incredible volume of apps and pace of mHealth apps entering the market has left healthcare providers, health promotion organizations, health plans, and consumers lost in an unregulated sea of apps. They are unable to effectively navigate which apps fit their interests and meet their needs and uncertain as to each app’s quality, privacy and security standards, scientific rigor and evidence of benefit.

As all Apps are not created equal, several questions should come to mind as you consider adopting the use of mHealth apps to engage patients.

How should you choose an App?

Which Apps are safe?

Does this App work?

 DHX Labs is poised to help filter the open app market places by helping both Consumers and Healthcare Sponsors select and deliver a set of best in breed mHealth apps.


Our Intelligence Driven Curation:

The DHX Labs’ mHealth app Intelligence Driven Curation process incorporates a rigorous methodology to ensure consumers get the best of breed apps based on their unique needs.

  • All apps are initially screened and evaluated through the Adaptive Privacy and Security (APS) scan which involves a deep analysis of over 140 app behaviors to ensure they meet the privacy and security standards to effectively safeguard consumer information.
  • Apps are further evaluated by examining over 160 constructs and attributes leveraging behavioral science, clinical science, design science and data science combined with professional usability insights to deliver an optimal consumer digital health experience.

Design Guidelines:

DHX Labs pioneered the development, testing and deployment of mHealth app Guidelines for Healthcare Sponsors.  These Guidelines are a set of criteria shaped by science and based on broad representation from the healthcare industry, academia, and various regulatory bodies. Collectively they represent a trusted source in enabling providers and consumers to determine which apps are best for their specific situations.

Curation Advisory Services:

Our Curation Advisory Services is the mobilization of app curation for healthcare sponsors.  We focus on matching uniquely qualified Behavioral Health Scientists, Information Architects, Design Science Experts, User Experience (UX) Designers, and Clinical Science Professionals with app curation projects and services to enable healthcare sponsors to curate experiences for their stakeholders and fulfill their strategic digital health objectives.

DHX Labs facilitates this exchange by bringing unique areas of expertise to help healthcare sponsors in the following areas, which include but are not limited to:

  • UX Design Reviews
  • Designing Therapeutic Care Bundles
  • Creating Life UX Touch Points
    • Measurement and Design
    • Insights Intelligence
    • Program Optimization