Key Practice Areas: Digital Health Transformation, Strategic Design, Digital Health Curation, Experience Design

David Vinson – As the Founder, Chairman, and Strategist of the DHX Group, David is on a social mission to harmonize health one person, one day and one experience at a time. David ignites out-of-box transformative digital health strategies and innovative solutions for healthcare sponsors. David is a well-respected digital health strategist and an early market pioneer in digital health solutions, including leading Optate Inc. to an early exit to WebMD and driving WebMD’s further growth of the business over the next two years.

Over the last 23 years, David has pursued a vision to create a comprehensive mHealth platform to empower healthcare sponsors to optimize their consumer or patient focused digital health strategies to lower costs, improve health outcomes and enrich the consumer experience. Recognizing the power of social engagement to influence behavioral change, along with the growing maze of wellness and health management apps and digital tools, David and his team saw an opportunity to create a new channel to connect healthcare sponsors to consumers via a highly curated digital health experience – that can be “smart prescribed” by the care provider as part of their routine workflow.

David is currently the Founder and CEO of SocialWellth, a digital health company that enables healthcare sponsors to prescribe curated digital health assets while delivering a human centered experience for consumers.

Key Practice Area: Behavioral Science, Research and Data Science, Human-Centered, Emotional and Instructional Design

Dr. Steven Schwartz – Steven has consulted with early, middle and late stage start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies including Pharma. He was also part of the Behavioral Science Team that architected and evaluated the suite of HealthMedia digital health coaching products prior to, during, and after the company’s acquisition by Johnson and Johnson in 2008.

In the past, Dr. Schwartz has also served as the Corporate Director of Medical Research for Oakwood Healthcare Systems where he directed clinical research activities and served as the Coordinator of Behavioral Medicine Services at the University of Michigan Healthcare System, and on the Consultation/Liaison Service at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Over his career he has published numerous trade and peer-reviewed papers on a variety of issues in health and behavior, has presented research papers, research and therapy workshops, and seminars at both national and international conferences for 20+ years, and has taught graduate courses at the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of the Virgin Islands.

As a Boarded Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Schwartz has significant theoretical and practical expertise in Behavioral Psychology, General Learning Theory, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Behavioral Economics, Clinical Trial Design, Program Evaluation and Gamification. His specialized expertise extends into digital health using contextualized digital medium and the evaluation of these programs in applied settings. Past grant activities have included funding by the NIH, Michigan Department of Community Health, and the Ford Foundation.

Key Practice Area: Pharmaceuticals, Retail Pharma

Dave Crosbee – Dave’s core competencies include thought leader development and engagement, strategic planning, brand differentiation, direct to consumer advertising and customer retention. Dave is adept at analyzing the pharma and provider marketplace as it relates to mHealth initiatives to determine issues, needs, opportunities, desires and concerns. Dave’s accomplishments include the development of the Restasis direct to consumer advertising campaign, development of the Restless Leg Syndrome market for Glaxo’s brand Requip, the launch of Glaxo’s brand Zyban for smoking cessation and consulting with Allergan Pharmaceuticals to help shape their marketing strategy for several Botox’s therapeutic indications including migraine and overactive bladder. Dave was one of the founders of HealthMedia, a spinoff from the University of Michigan that was the first company to apply science based behavior change coupled with the ability to personally tailor messaging on a mass scale.